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Cannibalism in most literate state

Kochi: Kerala boasts of having the first elected communist government in Asia in 1957 when E M S Namboodiripad formed a Left government after the formation of the state.

It is irrefutable that the state is blessed to have selfless leaders like EMS, A K Gopalan, K R Gouri, T V Thomas, P K Vasudevan Nair, C Achutha Menon, M N Govindan Nair among others.

These stalwarts gave a new direction to the way of thinking of people in a state which was once described as a lunatic asylum by social reformer, philosopher and monk Swami Vivekananda.

Now it appears that nothing has changed over the last seven decades as the majority are still superstitious, polarised and run after the blood in the name of religion.

It is more shocking to see a communist leader, his wife falling prey to outdated beliefs of engaging in black magic and chopping to death two gullible women into pieces for gaining prosperity and happiness.

It is still disturbing to learn that the Leftist leader Bhagaval Singh, 68, his wife Laila, 59, falling into the trap of a criminal Mohammad Shafi, 52, and took part in cannibalism by consuming the meat of the women. The police are yet to get evidence in this regard.
Even as the police are shocked to hear the revelations, Kerala society is worried over the devastating news.

The Left government’s role in governing the famous temples in the state including the hill shrine of Sabarimala and Guruvayur sends a wrong message to the people.

The Left parties’ association with Islamic organisations to grab power has also impacted its credibility. One cannot forget Left Democratic Front forging ties with the PDP led Abdul Nasser Mahdani who is incarcerated on charges of alleged terrorist activities.

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