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SC gives split verdict on Hijab case

Kochi: The Supreme Court today gave a split verdict on the issue of ban imposed on Hijab by educational institutions in Karnataka which was upheld by the High Court.

In his verdict, Justice Hemant Gupta upheld the Karnataka High Court ruling banning all religious dresses, while Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia opposed it.

The matter would now come before the Chief Justice of India for further action. The Apex court had reserved the judgment on September 22 after hearing arguments for ten days.

The Chief Justice would constitute a new bench with more than two judges to hear the cases afresh. The State argued that the protests were orchestrated by the Campus Front of India and the Popular Front.

The issue started after some students in hijab were not allowed to enter college in Udupi for violating uniform code in December last year. Some students from Hindu community tried to attend classes in saffron shawls in Chikamagalur which led to protests across the state.

On February 5, 2022, the state government issued an order banning clothes that disturb equality, integrity and public order in schools and colleges.

Some Muslim students moved the Karnataka High Court challenging the ban citing Christians wearing Cross and the Hindus bangles. On March 15, the High Court dismissed the petitions and ruled that hijab is not a part of the essential religious practice in Islamic faith.

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