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Idukki, Idamalayar and Pamba dams to be opened; red alert sounded

Kochi: Red alert has been sounded in Idukki even as the authorities are planning to release water from Idukki, Idamalayar and Pamba dams on Tuesday morning. The water level in Idukki dam is 2,397.86 feet against its Full Reservoir Level (FRL) 2,403 today. Water will be discharged through three shutters of Cheruthony dam which is the only dam which has shutters among the three which collectively help to store water in Idukki reservoir.

The decision was taken at a high-level committee meeting as the intensity of rain increased in the catchment area, media reports quoting state minister Roshy Augustine said. Alert has been sounded downstream of the Idukki dam. At least 64 families have been shifted to safe areas. Night travel to vulnerable areas in Idukki has been stopped.

The decision to release water was taken in view of the central weather office’s warning about a fresh spell of rain from Wednesday as part of North-East monsoon.

Two shutters of Edamalayar dam will be opened. Release of water through Lower Sholayar has led to increased flow of water into Chalakkudy river. Release of water through Kakki dam pushed up water level in Pamba river.

Meanwhile, noted environmental scientist Madhav Gadgil told a TV channel that all the natural disasters happening in the state was due to lack of political will of different governments including the central government.

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