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Santosh Trophy unite people nostalgically

Kochi: Santosh Trophy is the name that would make people nostalgic as it send football lovers to the era when many of them perhaps had little knowledge of popular events like FIFA World cup, UEFA Championships League, UEFA European championship as telecommunication and satellite system then was archaich.

Much water has flown since then and the technology has grown in a scarry manner offering unlimited scope for the public to have access to any world tournament as and when they happen.

At a time when the communal virus is trying to raise its head in Kerala, the Santosh Trophy matches have played a great role in providing relief to people to ignore the happenings in the state where political polarization is at its height.

It was overwhelming to see people of different hues watching the Santosh Trophy events, mainly the finals between host Kerala and arch rivals Bengal at Manjeri in Malappuram. Proving that they were the most eligible teams to reach the top, they fought till the last hooter, but could not establish their superiority. It was the penalty shoot out that helped the host to lift the cup on the eve of the festival of Eid.

Last time Kerala won it in 2017-18 defeating host West Bengal 4-2 through penalty shoot out in Kolkata.

A state which has been a role model for the entire world for its universal brotherhood has been witnessing disturbing developments triggered by those with political ambitions.

The only way to crush such designs is to cement unity among people through sports and for  this the government should organise more sports events that would keep people more engaged and united. Events on the lines of ISL would do wonders in not only triggering the economy, but would also give opportunity to create more star players.

Santosh Trophy is the one which had successfully kept people united for the last eight decades since 1941 named after a place called Santosh, now in Bangladesh.

West Bengal has won the trophy 32 times and has been runner-up 14 times. It is followed by Punjab which has won eight times and then comes Kerala with seven wins. Both Punjab and Kerala have been runners up eight times.

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