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Mahe oil price lures Kerala motorists

Kochi: Blessed are those who live near Mahe as they get a discount of Rs 18.92 on diesel and Rs12.80 on petrol.

Fuel prices fell sharply after the BJP-partnered NDA Government in Pondicherry decided to slash VAT drastically.

People in the communist stronghold Kannur are getting maximum advantage of the decision of the BJP-partnered NDA government in Pondicherry, media reports said 

The left parties in Kannur are worried over BJP getting pat on their back even as the ruling CPM government is adamant with its stand of not reducing the tax.

Many states have reduced taxes on petroleum products after BJP-led NDA government at centre slashed taxes.

It is hectic for the gas stations in Mahe as they are struggling to get their fuel tanks recharged due to heavy rush at the fuel stations.

People from nearby Kannur residing near Mahe make a beeline out of the bunks early in the morning.

There are four enclaves of Pondicherry, and Mahe is one among them in Kerala. The others are Karaikal in Tamil Nadu and Yanam in Andhra Pradesh.

Pondicherry was ruled by France before India got freedom. People of Pondicherry still enjoy huge benefits offered by France including voting rights in French elections.

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