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Man dies in police custody

Kochi: Another suspected case of custodial death has surfaced in the city where a 52-year-old Manoharan died after he was detained by cops for alleged traffic violation, media reports said.

The deceased was taken into custody by police last night near Irumpanam on suspicion of drunk driving. According to eyewitnesses, police allegedly beat up Manoharan as he stopped his vehicle a little away from the police checking point, the reports said.

The daily wager collapsed and died in the station. Police has denied custodial death saying that the CCTV footage was evidence of it.

On the other hand, irate people, including his kin, picketed the Hill Palace police station late last night. They dispersed after the police officials promised to conduct a probe into it.
Manoharan was taken to a government hospital and later to a private hospital where he was declared dead. He is survived by wife and two children.

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