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Methil, Mukesh on the path to divorce

Kochi: Popular actor turned politician Mukesh, MLA, is on the verge of splitting with his second wife Methil Devika after eight years of marriage. The petition in this regard was filed by Devika, who confirmed it, while speaking to media persons. A popular danseuse, Devika, refused to reveal the reason for the split-up citing that she did not want to create controversies on the issue. Now living in her ancestral house in Palakkad, Devika said she is yet to hear on the matter from Mukesh. She said the reason was purely private. She said it was a tough decision. She said she wanted to get the matter settled in a non-controversial manner. The reason behind the divorce is personal. 

She said that she was not taking the decision in a huff. Devika said she was waiting for the elections to get over to take decision in this regard. Devika denied media reports that she was subjected to domestic violence. She said the petition does not make any such allegations. The two got married in 2013 which was challenged by his first actor wife Saritha claiming that Mukesh had not legally separated from her. Hailing from Andhra Pradesh,

Saritha had married Mukesh in in1988 and had two sons. They split up due to marital discord in 2011.  Saritha had appeared in media and accused Mukesh for not appearing for court hearings and has called him as an ‘abusive person’. she had also called him a womanizer. 

Saritha was a 16-year-old teenager when she married her first husband, Telugu actor, Venkata Subbaiah in 1975.

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