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Militancy unionism hits Mayor

Kochi: Mayor Arya Rajendran of the CPM had the taste of her own medicine when a temporary KSRTC driver allegedly blocked her car and misbehaved with her, media reports said.

It is the militant trade unionism promoted by her party that has spoiled the demeanor of the workers of KSRTC,  private buses, auto rickshaw workers among others who give a damn to the Kerala High Court verdict banning honking of horns in Kochi city.

The problems faced by Arya and her husband Sachin Dev, MLA, are endured by the public every now and then.

This was evident from the remarks of the driver Yedhu who said he did not recognise the Mayor or else he would have been careful. This means that he had the license to pull up fights with those who are not VIPs.

Yadhu has been taken to task by the District Transport Office and is likely to face problems like getting fired.

Transport Minister K B Ganesh Kumar is slow pedaling on the issue as some passengers had allegedly given a clean chit to Yadhu.

The Mayor driver spat took place in Thiruvananthapuram City on Saturday night. 

The driver was detained and subjected to drunken driving.

Sources said that passengers who were asked to empty the bus alleged that the mayor and her supporters provoked the driver.

Meanwhile, the Mayor has been caught on the wrong foot for allegedly blocking the KSRTC bus and causing financial loss to the ailing transport company.

Arya, traveling with husband, MLA, and others in their private car got furious over the KSRTC bus driver not allowing her car to overtake the bus.

Their car overtook the bus and forced it to stop in the middle of the road. The CCTV clippings show Mayor’s car across the road on the zebra crossing.

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