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Modi flays UDF, LDF

Kochi: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the BJP government was working for the development of the country while some people were focusing on other things. While the centre was busy increasing export, some others were busy working day and night on gold smuggling, Modi said while speaking at Yuvam program here. This cannot be covered up from the youth of the state..The youth know very wel l how the government in Kerala was playing with the future of the youth.

The Central government in centre is fully aware of the dreams and ambitions of the youth in Kerala. But they were deprived from the benefit due to them. He said that two ideologies were working in the state. Efforts were not taken by the state to create opportunities to the youth. The state is suffering heavily due to the clash of two ideologies.
Despite the tremendous prospect of the state, Kerala has not grown fully to its potential. The BJP government was making all efforts to ensure that the youth in Kerala were benefited from the programmes of the BJP government introduced by the cente in the last nine years. Criticising the LDF and UDF, Modi said both were engaged in promoting violence and Corruption.
One front keep the interest of its party above the interest of the people, while the other front promotes the interest of the family. The youth should work to crush both the fronts, he said.

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