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YC to protest against all five Nava Kerala Sadas to be held in Idukki

Idukki: In view of the attack on the Youth Congress and KSU activists who waved black flags at the Chief Minister and his cabinet ministers while they were travelling in the special luxury bus at Pazhayangadi in Kannur das a part of the Nava Kerala Sadas, the district YC unit has decided to conduct protests against the Sadas in all the five assembly segments scheduled to be held in the district next month. YC functionaries here said that their protest would be also against the controversial response of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan about the attack that the DYFI workers and security personnel who thrashed the YC and KC activists with helmets, flower pots, and wireless sets were engaged in a ‘live-saving act’.

“The Sadas is not conducted in the interest of the common lot. It is to raise funds so that the CPM leader can live in more luxury. If the CM and his cabinet members are not directly receiving complaints from the public, what is the point in conducting such an event by spending so much money,” Youth Congress district president A S Arun said.

He said that the YC men clearly understood the hidden meaning of the CM terming the Pazhayangadi attack on YC and KSU workers as a ‘life-saving act’ that should be repeated. “I was thrashed with a lathi on my head without any provocation by Vandanmedu SI as we entered the cabin of the concerned KSEB engineer as a part of a YC protest against the electrocution of a father and his two sons in a waterlogged paddy field in Karunapuram last month. So we are not afraid of any brutal physical attack on us. We are not disclosing how we will go about the protest against the Nava Kerala Sadas in Idukki,” A S Arun said.

The YC district president designate Francis Devasya who is expected to take charge next week said that the public sentiment was against the event and like in other districts there would be protests in Idukki as well. YC has taken out a protest march against the Pazhayangadi attack in various centers across the district.

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