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Pinarayi warns trouble mongers

Kochi: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today said that people cannot say anything in the public as per their whims and fancies.
Inaugurating the KGOA state meet at Kottayam, he said the state had recently witnessed people blabbering things without any restrictions.
He said such things would not discourage the government from taking stern action against trouble markers.
Recently the state witnessed some unpleasant things.
The state has a common system and culture practice which would not be allowed to be damaged. Stern action would be taken against those who created problems.
Apparently refering to the gold smuggling charges against the government, he said the people had witnessed many things just before the assembly election last year.
Lies were floated to harm the government but people trusted the ruling front and it came back to power.
Targeting the right wing outfits like RSS, he said they considered Hitler as their role model.
Religion is not the basis of citizenship. Secularism cannot flourish by fuelling communalism.
He said some forces were using communalism to make temporary gains.

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