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Truss is new premiere of UK

Kochi: Liz Truss took over as the 57th Prime Minister of the UK on Tuesday after Queen Elizabeth II made the appointment at Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

Truss, who was the Foreign Minister, became the third women to occupy the post after 
Borris Johnson lost support of many ministers including Rishi Sunak who was the rival to Truss in the election.

Earlier, Johnson met the queen and tendered his resignation.

Truss had won the election beating Rishi Sunak of Indian origin by getting 15 percent more votes than him. 

Truss got a vote share of 57 per cent against Rishi who got 42 per cent in the Conservative members voting.

There are numerous challenges before the new premier including which includes 
soaring inflation of 10 per cent, recessionary trends and zooming energy rates.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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