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Staff delays Vande Bharat

Kochi: The Railways surrendered before the Union which challenged the suspension of an employee whose action caused a delay in the operation of Vande Bharat during the first trial run, media reports said.
The railways had acted against the senior official for giving clearance to a lower priority train ignoring Vande Bharat at Piravom station in Thiruvananthapuram division.
The railways wasted no time in issuing suspension. However, the Railways reversed its decision after the union leaders protested against it, media reports said.
According to reports the delay caused due to the error was only two minutes.
It was the Venad Express that was given preference over Vande Bharat.
The unions have been up in arms against privatization and “anti workers” policies of the BJP-led government.
Almost all trains, including short distance, run late in the state despite the government taking stringent action like termination and compulsory retirement.

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