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AI cameras to catch traffic violators

AI cameras to discipline road users
Kochi: A total of 726 cameras controlled by
Artificial Intelligence will open their eyes on Thursday across the state to check traffic violations under the “Safe Kerala” project.
The aim is to discipline the road users and bring down accidents by 20 per cent.
Pillion riders must wear helmets, those sitting in the rear seat of a four wheeler must use seat belts, over speeding, jumping of traffic signals are among those punishable offences.
Those failing to pay penalty would be fined at the time of paying tax or selling vehicles.
Vehicles will be black listed if they escape from paying a penalty.
The data stored in solar powered AI cameras is transferred using 4G connectivity SIM. All vehicles will be scanned by the camera. The pictures of the vehicles and their drivers will be sent to the control room of the Motor Vehicles Department. The technology is empowered to send a total of 30,000 penalty notices in a day.
Motor Vehicle Inspectors will check traffic violations and scrutinize them before sending notices.
A total of 13,334 two-wheeler accidents were reported in Kerala last year out of which 1,288 people died. A total of 1,069 people died in 10,154 two-wheeler accidents in 2021.
There were a total of 43,910 road accidents in the state last year out of which 4,317 people died and 34,638 people were injured.
A total of 3,429 people were killed in 33,296 accidents, while 26,495 people were seriously injured.

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