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Heat wave hits people in Europe

Kochi: High temperature has made life miserable in most of Europe while water shortage has hit many areas, mainly France, which is experiencing the worst heat conditions in its known history.

The French government has set up an emergency team to deal with the situation.
Water is being carried in tankers to places where people are encountering acute water shortage. Water is not available through the pipe supply.

The situation is likely to continue for some more days, media reports quoting weather authorities said. There are fears that the water shortage may hit agriculture production creating a severe food crisis.

European countries are struggling due to high food prices as exports from Ukraine and Russia to these countries has come down
Irrigation has been banned in many areas to conserve water.

Harvest of corn, which is the main livestock feed, has come down considerably.
Its harvest in France, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria is expected to be much lower due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Temperature is predicted to reach record levels in many places while the firefighters are busy dousing wildfires. Incidents of fire in Spain, Portugal and Greece have forced thousands to flee to safety. The heat conditions have hit parts of the UK.
Fire has destroyed 34,000 acres of land in the last few days in the popular tourist place of Girondel in France.

In Spain and Portugal over 1000 deaths have been attributed to heat conditions. Experts told the media that this condition will become a normal feature in the coming years due to irreparable climate change.

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