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KSRTC must go ICH’s way

Kochi: It is Vishu and Good Friday today and 
shops are closed except a few like the legendary Indian Coffee House (ICH).

Entering an ICH branch near Thrissur Vadakkestand, one would find the workers attending to the customers enthusiastically and energetically.

There is no sign of desperation or qualms on the faces of the servers and others working on a holiday.
The ICH has only one holiday in Onam.

It was also refreshing to see photos of Father of the Nation and other leading political leaders including first Prime Minister Pt Jawaharlal Nehru displayed in the outlet.

One of the photos was that of A K Gopalan (AKG) who was instrumental in setting up the ICH which was closed down by the Coffee Board in the1950s.

It was AKG’s intervention that helped thousands save their jobs or else they would have been on the streets with their families.

An agitation led by AKG forced the Coffee Board to hand over the ICH outlets across the country to the workers who formed a society and started running the restaurant under the efficient management based at Thrissur.

On the day of Vishu and Good Friday, all the branches of ICH are brimming with customers as the majority of the hotels are closed due to workers taking leave or other reasons.

The ICH workers are not overworked and they are paid very good salaries with other essential benefits like PF, Gratuity, medical among others.

In contrast, a near empty Chalakudy-bound KSRTC bus was found waiting outside with its grim-faced crew members looking for passengers to start the journey.

Wondered why someone like AKG was not coming forward to revive the debt ridden KSRTC as was done in the case of ICH.

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