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Pak needs a Kejriwal

Kochi: Pakistan needs a Kejriwal to save the country from getting stuck in a debt trap created by corrupt politicians and military rulers in the country.

It is easier said than done as the political
activities are closely monitored and controlled by the army and some one like Kejriwal will not be allowed to raise his head.

Soon after taking charge, the new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has straight away raised the Kashmir issue knowing very well that it is a wasteful exercise to irritate India.

But the new premier knows very well that it will certainly make a handful people happy as they want the two countries to remain enemies forever even as the country goes to dogs.

Pakistan is passing through such a serious situation from where only a miracle can help it come out of the crisis.

With just another one-and-a-half years left in the office, the interim government headed by
the 70-year-old Shehbaz must work hard to strengthen the economy instead of listing out  Imran Khan government’s failures.
A country, which has immense potential to grow, has suffered considerably due to intermittent military rule and political instability.
Whether elected government or military rule, the poor have always struggled while the rich and influential have grown all times.

According to a UN report, the elite group in Pakistan is enjoying economic privileges of 17.4 billion dollars like tax benefits and preferential access to public capital.

Pakistan’s financial crisis is so grave that the IMF has refused to help it in 2021. Its all weather ally Saudi Arabia has helped with funds that is costlier than IMF loan.
Public external debt of the country is 86.4 bn dollar. Depreciation of US dollars against international currencies has swelled up Pakistan debts.

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