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Cops nab one in train fire incident

Kochi: A native of Uttar Pradesh has been nabbed in connection with fire in the empty train at Kannur Railway station today, media reports said.
He has not been arrested yet. He was once taken into custody for setting fire waste articles near a train the other day. Later, he was released.
He was found without a shirt by an employee of the BPCL which has a unit near the station yesterday. He was seen near the railway station frequently.
There are reports of the accused admitting to committing the crime. Police have not divulged his name.
After the Alappuzha -Kannur train culminated its journey at 11.07 pm, it was shunted away to the eighth yard.
The smoke was noticed at 1.25 am by railway staff. Soon the fire appeared from the rear which engulfed the compartment. Fortunately, the fire did not spread to the nearby fuel unit of HPCL as the fire brigade put it out in about one hour, the reports said.
The fire took place in the general coach of the train which was to begin its journey as intercity express in the evening.
There were no reports of any casualties.
It was the same train in which an accused Sharukh Saifi had ignited fire using inflammable material a few days back killing
three on April 2. The case is being investigated by the NIA.

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