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Fort Kochi become active

Kochi: Global tourism destination Fort Kochi 
is brimming with tourists while the traders and other indirect job earners are overwhelmed over it.

The must see global tourism destination having a blend of priceless culture of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British had remained dormant in the last couple of years due to corona.

Easter Sunday saw huge crowds converging at this mesmerizing location with the beach at its full glory.

Large number of domestic tourists from different parts of the country ventured to the beach with their young ones to feel the sea water.

Many watched in wonder as fishermen caught fishes using Chinese nets. 
The local traders, auto rickshaw operators and others had hectic business due to the rush.

Eateries were found almost full while people crowded around shops selling variety articles.
Makeshift eateries offering North Indian food drew good response from the people north.

Fish lovers were offered wide range of fresh fishes and marine products like prawns of different shapes, crabs and many others which they could buy according to their choice and get it cooked by as per their taste.

Peanut sellers, ice Cream vendors, chat shops, toy vendors all did good business.
There were also some tourists from abroad who were enjoying their visit after a long gap of Covid restrictions.

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