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Jayarajan bashes protesters: Congress

Kochi: A couple of Youth Congress leaders  accused LDF convener E P Jayarajan of assaulting them for protesting against the Chief Minister inside a flight which was landing at Thiruvananthapuram airport.
Fardin Majid also alleged that the Chief Minister’s personal staff bashed him.
Justifying his action, Jayarajan alleged that Fardin and Navin Kumar were inebriated to the hilt and were planning to attack the Chief Minister when he preempted the attack.
Instead of bashing them, who would applaud them for such acts, Jayarajan said.
The protesters got up and shouted slogans against the Chief Minister when the plane from Kannur was about to land. 
A medical test was conducted on them and they were handed over to police.
Jayarajan alleged that top Congress leaders were behind the drama. The Opposition Leader V D Satheeshan owes an answer for this, he said.
Meanwhile, KPCC president K Sudhakaran cautioned Jayarajan that the party would pay him in the same coin.
Sudhakaran said that the Congress activists protested peacefully against a Chief Minister facing smuggling gold and dollar charges.
He said the party would not be responsible if the party workers retaliated against such incidents.

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