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Pinarayi corrects Health Minister

Kochi: In a rare gesture the Opposition praised Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today for giving a convincing reply on rabies vaccine countering Health Minister Veena Vijayan’s stand on the matter.

While Veena George expressed satisfaction over the quality of the vaccine, Pinarayi intervened to announce that an expert panel would study its efficacy and quality within two weeks.

Stating that the vaccines were cleared after two inhouse testing and by adhering to guidelines set by the Medical Service Corporation, Veena George refused reports of withdrawal of 50,000 vials.

Due to complaints they were sent for testing and were found effective.

The Opposition Leader V D Satheeshan had expressed doubt over the quality of the vaccines and wanted an effective system to fight street dog menace.

The Opposition patted the Chief Minister for his clear reply on the matter.

Earlier, Veena was also warned by the Speaker M B Rajesh to give a clear reply to questions raised by the Opposition.

This was done following complaints raised by A P Anil Kumar of Congress against her response on PPE Kit allegations and anomalies in the functioning of the Kerala Medical Services Corporation.

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