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Treat people with respect, HC tells Kerala Police. Stop calling ‘eda’, ‘edi’.

Kochi: At a time when police is in a defiant mode, the Kerala High Court has directed the police to behave themselves. Directing the police to treat the public with all respect and humility, the court has ordered the DGP to issue a circular in this regard. 

The court made these observations while considering a case regarding Police misbehavior at Cherpu police station in Thrissur. The directions assume significance in the backdrop of a number of cases of police atrocities increasing in the recent days.  

HC has directed Kerala Police Chief to issue a circular asking the police officers to do away with their usual way of insulting people by calling them ‘Eda’ and ‘Edi’, a disrespect full way of addressing someone in Malayalam. 

The court also took serious note of the prevailing ‘nokkukoolie’, a practice adopted by trade unions for claiming wages for work done by machines. The court directed the government to take steps to end the menace. The court observed that the practice will taint the image of the state. The issues faced by the trade unions should be solved legally and not through such practices. The government claimed that the government has taken stern steps against the practice.

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